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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Staunton Harold on 25th November, 2008

I felt the need for a short break from decorating today, and so decided to take advantage of the sunshine for a quick trip to Staunton Harold Reservoir. I arrived at the Round Car Park to find all the places next to the wall occupied, and a huge amount of seed and nuts on the wall. Fortunately I did not have to wait beyond 10 minutes before a suitable place became available. I quickly dived in and sat in my car, window open and camera at the ready.

There was the usual mix of birds, but I was surprised by the huge number of Collared Doves (didn't count them, but maybe around 40). What I was really delighted to see was more Tree Sparrows than I have ever seen here before (I would guess at least 30). However, what exercised me most was a couple of Nuthatches. Occasionally they would arrive at the same time, and then there was quite a lot of agression shown. Frustratingly, the sunshine vanished about 10 minutes after I got into position.


Tree Sparrow

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