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Tuesday 29 April 2008

Rutland Water on 28th April 2008

Water Rail (record shot)

Barn Owl (record shot)

As part of my Osprey Volunteer duties, I did a late afternoon watch at Rutland Water this day. This involved recording the behaviour of the birds, fish caught, incubation, etc. The watch post is Waderscrape Hide and the surrounds have been changed somewhat since last season. The small (very invasive) willows around the hide have been removed, and three 'rides' (cleared runs through the reeds, filled with shallow water) created in front of the hide. Whilst this means that the Reed Buntings and Willow & Sedge Warblers are a little more difficult to observe at close hand, close-up views of Water Rail are a regular occurrence.

For much of my watch, four Ospreys were in view, with three nests being occupied. There were several sightings of Water Rail relatively close to the hide, and I am sure that there were two birds present, but possibly three. However, concentration on watching the Ospreys meant that I missed the photo opportunities for the Water Rail whilst the light was good, and only managed to get a few 'record shots' in poor light towards the end of my shift.

To my delight, the resident Barn Owl was on a fence post beside the track on my way back to the Visitor Centre after my shift (it was getting dark by then). In the past this bird has seen me long before I've seen him (it having been fully dark). This time, however, I was looking out for him, and I and I did manage to get close enough to bang off a few distant frames before having to continue on my way and flush him. I look forward to the possibility of better light as I finish future watches, in the hope of getting more than a 'record shot'.

Sunday 27 April 2008

Oakthorpe Colliery on 27th April 2008

Orangetip - male

Blackcap - male

I went to the site of the old Oakthorpe Colliery (near Ashby de la Zouch) today for a short walk. There was birdsong everywhere, and a few photo opportunities in spite of the dull (but warm) weather.

Staunton Harold on 24th April 2008 - My First Post


Reed Bunting

Blue Tit

I am a little bit restricted in my birding for a couple of weeks, due to just having had a minor heart operation. Staunton Harold was ideal for a short visit as it is close to home, and there is a car park with views over the reservoir. There is a low wall to the car park, and feeders just over the other side of the wall. It is common practice to seed the top of the wall, so you can get close to the birds by using your car as a hide. Occasionally some 'gems' show up, and it is a good place for tree sparrows (although no good photos for me this time). I was only there for about half an hour and someone had beaten me to the best spot, but it was a very pleasant interlude.