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Monday 19 January 2015

Scuppered! - mid January, 2015

I've had a rather busy Christmas period and start to the New Year but decided, at the back end of last week to put a post together. It's then that the trouble started. In a nutshell, my photo editing software (Corel) gave up the ghost. I've spent days struggling to reinstate it, and it now seems that I probably have a hardware problem, rather than a software problem. My PC goes in for a full diagnostic check on Wednesday, and then I'll find out just how bad the news is going to be.

Anyway, I currently have no means of editing images, or producing new headers, that I'm familiar with (only Photoshop Elements, which will take a bit of a learning curve to get to grips with). I think I'll just sit tight until I know what I'm facing. It might be a while before I put up a proper post to this blog.

A post without any sort of image goes against the grain with me so here's one 'out of the magic bag', as Bob Bushell would say.

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) - on 30th March, 2013
Best wishes to all.