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Saturday 9 May 2009

Allestree Park, Near Derby, on 4th March 2009

I went here to seek out Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - and was lucky! However, the photos are only record shots.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (male).


Barton Marina on 2nd March, 2009

Not found anything outstanding here yet, but it is a very pleasant place to go.
Wigeon (drake)
Wigeon (female)

Pied Wagtail

My Garden in March, 2009

I've not posted anything for a while - my camera has been in for repair for over six weeks now. One of the problems about taking an extended warranty through Jessops is the length of time it takes to get the repair done. From Jessops, it goes to a 'repair agent' who then assesses the situation and seeks authority from the scheme's insurers. Having obtained authority, it goes to Nikon for an estimate of costs. This then is transmitted to the 'repair agent' who then seeks approval from the insurers, once this is given, and passed down the chain, the repair is scheduled (2 to 3 weeks). On completion, the items are sent back to the repair agent, who then send it on to the Jessops branch for you to pick up - except in my case it was sent to Rotherham, rather than Loughborough, by mistake. I have now been told that I will get it back on Monday.
Anyway, just to get back into the swing of things, I have decided to put up a few items from March this year.

The star of my garden this month was, undoubtedly, the Grey Wagtail which was with us for many days.
Blue Tit
Grey Wagtail
Coal Tit