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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Little Owls near Packington, on 22nd December, 2009

Continued my mission to find Little Owls today, and found another site - just as I started heading back home! Went back in the evening as I thought that there might be Barn Owls nearby (there weren't this evening), and there was a Little Owl again. However, I think that it may be the other one of a pair as the markings look a bit different.

Little Owl

Whilst out, I came across a clutch of Yellowhammers. One day I'll get a decent shot of one of these birds!!

Yellowhammer - male

1 comment:

  1. Really pleased for your Richard, can't wait to come over and have a look at them. Maybe i'll wait until you have 10 sites and the journey will be more rewarding, at this rate should only be a couple of weeks!!!!;-)


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