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Friday, 18 December 2009

South & West of Leicester on 17th, December 2009

Having been given some excellent pointers by local Little Owl guru, Paul Riddle, about three weeks ago, I found that either the weather was foul, or I had other commitments which meant I had little time to practice my new-found knowledge. At last, on Thursday, I had a spare four hours and weather that was not wet and windy, and decided that I had better get my eye in again by going to a couple of places that Paul had introduced me to - and scored in both places! However, the bird in the second location kept its distance, 'hunting' (I can't think of an appropriate term) from the hedge which went off behind the nest tree. I grabbed a shot at about a hundred metres (see the second picture - you might have to double-click to enlarge, to find the bird!) whilst it was on the grass in the shade of the hedge, and carried on watching it for half an hour or so - magic!! After this, I went off to another location that Paul had shown me, to photograph some woodland birds. Sorry, but I feel that I should not divulge the whereabouts of these locations.

Little Owl


Great Tit

Coal Tit

Blue Tit

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