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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Barn Owl! - on 15th August, 2010

I went on another of Dave Scattergood's excellent birdwalks this morning. Arriving early, I did a bit of pre-walk exploration, only finding this juvenile GS Woody to photograph.

Great Spotted Woodpecker (juvenile)

Dave's walk took us along the Trent & Mersey Canal from Claymills to Willington 'canal pit'. Dave managed to find us a number of interesting birds but, as is typical with Dave's walks, these were mainly at 'scope distance' so no usable photos taken.

After the walk, having had my sarnies in the 'round car park' at Staunton Harold (nothing very interesting seen), I decided to make a quick visit to my 'local patch'. A Little Owl was showing at my site No.2. I didn't see the Little Owl at site No.12, but as I entered the farmyard a Barn Owl was visible through the stable door. This time I did manage a photo - a distant shot from where I stood. I'm totally amazed at the result! - only one shot taken (it saw me and departed into the depths of the building). Can anyone tell me a good reason for my camera tending to give me sharper images in poor light than it does in bright sunshine. The image below is heavily cropped.

Barn Owl

I've noticed that this owl has fluffy legs. I don't know whether this indicates a juvenile that has still to shed the down from this area, or whether it's an adult that has picked up down from the nest on its legs.

On the way back home I spotted this Kestrel on one of the security lights at the sewage farm in Packington - why do they call them sewage farms?

Common Kestrel (female)


  1. I knew you would get the Barnie pic sooner or later, great image Richard!

  2. Thank you Paul. I don't suppose that I'll ever be lucky enough to better that one.

  3. Love your Kestrel,what a stunner.
    Superb shot.

  4. Thank you John. Somehow I managed to overlook replying to your comment - my apologies! Have enjoyed your recent insect, etc. images on your blog, but pleased to see some birds from you today! :-}


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