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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Confronting My Demons! - on 5th August, 2010

Yesterday, whilst exploring a farmyard (with the farmer's permission), I stuck my head over a stable door and there was a Barn Owl just 3 metres from me. I don't know who was most surprised - him or me? The encounter was extremely brief, as he immediately took to the air and flew out past my head, brushing the side of my face with his wing as he did so! Wow!!!!

That evening I went back to the farm and set up my hide against the farmhouse, approximately 20 metres from the stable door, in the hope of getting some photos. The bird did not show, and at 21.45, after it was dark, I gave up as I was cold and needed to answer the call of nature.

That night, I woke up at about 02.00, and as I was still awake at 04.00 I decided to get up and see if the owl would return at dusk or emerge with the rising sun (the stable door faces south-east). I arrived at 04.30. As it happens, it didn't, and I left at 07.15 (same reason as the previous evening - it's an age-related thing!). However, the hours of darkness in the morning, and during the previous evening, were not without their torments. If I have a phobia, it's Rats!! Whilst sitting in my hide, the occasional rat weaved its way round the edge of the farmyard, dipping into the buildings under the somewhat decaying doors. I was concerned that, as I was also on the very edge of the yard, my hide (with its very open bottom edge) was right in its path. The problem is that, when in my hide, the main view is forward, with limited side vision and no rear vision at all. At one time I saw a rat just 2 metres from the side of my hide. I've no idea if it actually got nearer, but I felt most uncomfortable! If I had just been standing there I don't think it would have been so bad, but sitting in my tiny chair-hide it felt like I was being threatened with being caged with a rat. Strangely, as the sun came up, I felt more comfortable. Will it stop me from returning? - I don't think so!!

Brown Rat


  1. What a great close encounter with the Owl. Awesome!

  2. Yes Glen. It's one that will remain with me for a long time! Thanks for visiting!


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