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Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Drought - But Hanging In There! - on 9th October, 2010

Having spent a month almost completely off the scene, due to a DIY project, I'm now starting to feel as if I've lost my mojo. Several trips out last week, primarily to try and find some new owl sites, have resulted in virtually no photos, and I've only seen an owl at one of my existing Little Owl sites. I must do something to remedy this soon!

I started to get worried about my main 'local patch' LO site when I hadn't seen an owl there for a few days, but a kestrel seemed to have taken its place on three consecutive visits. The ivy covering the building had suddenly turned red between visits!

Kestrel (male) at my Little Owl site No.02

I needn't have worried, however, as the owl was seen again the day after the above image was taken.

Little Owl - my site No.02

I've recently been monitoring two sites on which I have been assured there are Little Owls (with Barn Owl on one of them also). So far I've not found an owl on either, but the evidence is there. A couple of days ago I did find Common Darter, and what I believe to be a Cricket.

Common Darter



Cricket ?

Also on this site, this week, I've seen Jay, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Buzzard - all at close quarters but no photos yet. I hope the photographic drought soon comes to an end. It won't be tomorrow, however, as we're have a party to celebrate my daughter's birthday!


  1. The Kestrel is beautiful Richard. Wonderful bird.

  2. Yes, I'm a bit partial to all raptors myself, even if the Kestrel is a very common bird in UK, but owls are still my favourites!


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