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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Waggy Time Again - on 11th October, 2010

Every autumn and every spring we get a grey wagtail visiting our garden on a regular basis. This has happened, without fail, for about five years now. It can't be the same bird - last year's was a 'first winter' bird, and the one that returned last week is also a 'first winter'. It's always a source of joy to us when "Waggy" returns.

Grey Wagtail - first winter bird

Also giving us pleasure at the moment is the Garden's Robin. He's looking particularly handsome at the moment - and he knows it!! He spends a lot of time looking at his reflection in the window of my office, or in the conservatory window (as shown below). The rest of the time he is very actively patrolling his territory and singing away in the cotoneaster or rowan outside my office window.

Robin (male)

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