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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tawny Owls - on 23rd September, 2011

I've been filling in my garden pond, collecting rubble from a house about a quarter of a mile (400 metres) from my home. The house has its own large area of mature woodland and in chatting to the owner, she told me that she had been hearing owls very regularly and very vocally at close quarters, but never sees them. On Friday night I went down there and I'd only been there about fifteen minutes before the first Tawny Owl was heard - then another - and another. In the end we suspected that we were hearing five, but we saw three. I'd taken my Rhod Gilbert (a "million candlepower" torch - yes, that's what it says on the side!) with me and we used this a few times to pick out the owls so that she and two of her sons could see them. However, my attempts at photography were a complete failure apart from one rather poor image of a distant bird.

Tawny Owl - near Ashby de la Zouch
 My thanks to the family for a very entertaining interlude. 


  1. Great to see a Tawny Richard, I think you've done pretty well to get this image.

  2. Thank you Christian. Most numerous owl in UK, and not so often seen.

  3. Well done for getting one Richard:)

  4. Thank you Linda. Seeing a Tawny is always a privilege

  5. Better tha was a nice experience and now you know that you have tawny owls around!
    Saludos camperos!

  6. Thank you El Campero for your comments. I am sorry to have taken so long to reply - I have been on holiday in Scotland, and just come home an hour ago!

    You have some amazing images on your own blogs!


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