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Monday, 14 November 2011

Leicestershire Snow Bunting - on 13th November, 2011

Went out owling yesterday, with the intention of finding some new territories (in which I think I was partially successful). However, in one place, which turned out not to be quite right for owls (grass too short and ordered) I had a very pleasant surprise. I'd not seen much up until this point, and decided to look in a gully in case anything was lurking - and there was this Snow Bunting foraging!! Although the sun was shining, the bird stayed down in the shade, and so the following images were taken at high ISO and low speed, and I've had to post-process the colour balance as there was a strong blue cast in all the images.

Snow Bunting
 As it was now getting dark, I set off homeward, but not before I'd taken an image of the setting sun.

 I had planned to return here today to try and get some images in better light as the weather forecast was good, and a Snow Bunting is a rare occurrence in Leicestershire. However, the day has remained grey and dull. Maybe it'll pick up tomorrow and the bird will still be there.


  1. What a fantastic 'bonus' Richard. The shots look good to me!

  2. Thank you for your comments Christian. This bird is now 'well documented' (someone found it before me), and I understand that there are now two of them! Not been back yet as the weather continues to be very dark here.

  3. Thank you Mike - it was certainly the highlight of my week!


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