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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back to Cannock Chase - on 17th January, 2012

Whilst at my local Short-eared Owl site, I met a fellow photographer and almost immediately discovered that we had a mutual friend through our wives. Martin had never been to Cannock Chase before, so we went there on Tuesday with the main objective being for me to show him a few choice sites both there, and on the way there.

We first made a call at the local SEO site to see if the owls were out in the frosty morning (it was minus 2deg.c ) close to the road (no time to check out the whole site). They weren't, but this juvenile Buzzard was close to the road as we drove away.

Common Buzzard (juvenile) - near Ashby de la Zouch
It was totally unfazed by me stopping the car, winding down the window, and two of us banging off numerous shots. I was even hoping that we might get some images of it taking to the air, but it was still there when we left!

A stop at one of my Little Owl sites (No.15) revealed one bird just visible outside the nest hole  - but as this was in a tree in the middle of a cultivated field, we couldn't get near enough for any images.

Arriving at Cannock Chase, we made for the area which is my favourite for photographing small birds. We could have stayed in the car but, for comfort and flexibility of shooting direction, we both set up our chair hides. Whilst nothing unusual in the way of birds was seen, the weather was mainly 'cloudy - bright' and I'm very pleased with the images obtained, even if the subjects are totally commonplace. When we arrived, there was still frost on the branches.

Robin - Cannock Chase

Blue Tit - Cannock Chase

Nuthatch - Cannock Chase

Long-tailed Tit - Cannock Chase

Bullfinch - Cannock Chase

Great Tit - Cannock Chase

Coal Tit - Cannock Chase.
After a good session here, we explored a few other locations on Cannock Chase, but did not stop for any photography. We also called in at Croxall Lakes on the way home.

Thank you Martin, for the pleasure of your company.


  1. Really nice pics, the bullfinch one I really want!

  2. Thank you 'el Campero'. They are not uncommon in UK, but always a pleasure to see!

  3. Hi Richard

    Stunning Buzzard captures and very strange for him to be so unconcerned by your close proximity.

    Super series of little birds too.

  4. Thank you Christian. The Buzzard wasn't VERY close - probably 25-30 metres away, but I'm used to Buzzards taking off pretty much as soon as you stop the car. In my relatively brief time birding I've noticed that the juveniles of some species (Little Owl for example) tend to be more nervous than the adults, but with some others (and Buzzard seems to fall into this category) the juveniles are more confiding.


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