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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Next Step an ASBO?

Before I start on this post - just a quick notice that, as from tomorrow, I'm going to be without a PC for about a week, so if you should be kind enough to post a comment here, I will probably not be able to reply to it until I get my PC back. I hope, however, to be able to 'clear' any comments for publishing by using my phone - although that might be hazardous too as I don't get a signal at home!

This is quite frustrating for me as I think I had what is probably my best session ever at my local Short-eared Owl site yesterday, but will not have a chance to process the images as I'm too busy doing 'housekeeping and backups' on the PC, before I 'lose' it.

On 15th January, I put up a picture of a juvenile Sparrowhawk that had been terrorising my garden birds. This bird is starting to make a real nuisance of itself, although it has still (to the best of my knowledge) not succeeded in catching anything in my garden yet. In that post I said that I'd not publish an image that showed the bird in a somewhat 'uncool' light. Well the time has come to 'shame' the bird, in the hope that it'll be too embarrassed to return.

Sparrowhawk - our garden
More recent images, however, show the meanness of this birds intent!

Sparrowhawk - our Garden
Sparrowhawk - next door's garden

If this approach doesn't work, the next step is probably to serve it with an ASBO!!! - for my overseas readers, an ASBO is a legally enforceable AntiSocial Behaviour Order.


  1. Wonderful images Richard! Looks a bit like our Sharp-shinned Hawk and acts the same. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. I hope they're cleared up in short order.

  2. Thank you Phil. Yes, I think they are similar (noted this on your November 11 posting). No real problem with the PC, just a small inconvenience!

  3. My wife looks at me like that when I ask if I can buy another long lens.
    Fantastic photo,s of a beautiful if anti social bird

  4. Thank you Bri - yep, I know that look too!!

  5. Brilliant shots of a stunning creature Ricahrd - I really love them, even though they are cold-blooded murderers! They are so beautiful and you have captured it superbly. I love the last one especially.

    Congrats on the SEO encounter- looking forward to seeing the results.

  6. Thank you Christian. I think that we tend to vilify these birds because they prey on our garden birds but, in reality, they are no worse than other raptors which (including owls) kill many life-forms - including birds!

  7. Love these Richard,your last shot is a superb capture.

  8. Thank you John - sorry not to have released you comment before now, but I've been separated from my PC for nearly a week, until this afternoon.


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