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Monday, 15 March 2010

A New Little Owl Site - on 15th March, 2010

The day started bright and sunny, so I set off to visit a farm where I have been hoping to find Little Owls (they have been there in the past). Sunny it might have been, but when I arrived there was cold wind blowing (even howling at times). Not the weather for LOs, I thought, so I decided to give up on owls for the day and go to Cannock Chase to do a bit of 'general birding'. As I left the farm, I came across the farmer, who invited me into his home, and proudly showed me a Barn Owl on his tele - live from a camera on the farm! I spent a further hour in conversation with the farmer, and his son (who was the instigator of the owl box and camera), before setting off for Cannock. I hadn't got far before the skies greyed over. Time for another rethink (every time I go to Cannock Chase it's grey weather). I stopped to eat my sandwiches near Sibson, overlooking a tree which I noted as being worthy of future investigation - and lo and behold there was a Little Owl. Permission to investigate was kindly given by the farmer, and so a few distant shots were possible. Next time I will go in brighter weather, and set up my hide. This is my ninth LO site.

1 comment:

  1. You might be surprising yourself with all these LO sites but your not surprising me Richard, you have the tallent to sniff then out. Really well done, double figures by the weekendd ??? No pressure there then!!LOL


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