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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cannock Chase on 3rd December, 2008

It was such a lovely day, that I realised I needed another day off from the decorating, and so I decided to seek out the Waxwings that had been seen for the past few days on Cannock Chase. I arrived there to find several other people trying to find them at the point where they had been seen. However, apart from a passed-on report that three had been there early in the morning, there was no sign of them. Good numbers of Blackbirds, Redwing, and Fieldfare were very active in the immediate vicinity, and Kestrel, Buzzard, and Green Woodpecker were also seen - but no Waxwing. Contenting myself with some photos of Fieldfare and Redwing, I left at approximately 14.00 after three hours waiting. I later found that the Waxwings showed up about an hour after I left.



On the way to Cannock Chase, just before Lullington, I came upon a female Kestrel on a post. My camera was already at the ready beside me, and so I wound the window down and took some safety shots during which the bird flew on to the next post. I then attempted to draw up a little closer, and only got one shot off before the bird flew off, away from the road. The results are far from good, but I am rather fond of these birds for some reason, so I publish one of the results here.

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