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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Common Scoter at Albert Village on 12th October 2009

Albert Village, Leicestershire, is only about three miles down the road from me. Although the man-made lake has only been there for a a couple of years or so, it is already well established as a good place to see a wide range of gulls. Not having a particular interest in gulls, I don't often go there, but I had to go to see the Common Scoter. There were no other birdwatchers there when I arrived, but I quickly located it. It remained at great distance for a long while, and I had given up hope of getting anything better than a 'just about' record shot, and started to leave. However, I stopped to talk to a newly arrived birder, and whilst we were talking the bird came somewhat closer, and the sun shone brightly!

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