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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Birding in Staffordshire and Leicestershire on 14th February, 2010

After one of Dave Scattergood's excellent birdwalks for East Staffordshire, at Croxall Lakes (on which plenty of interesting birds were seen - but beyond photographic distance!) I decided to continue my quest for Little Owls in North West Leicestershire. To cut a long story short, I didn't find any new sites. As the day, although rewarding from a sightings point of view, had also been disappointing photographically, I decided on a quick fix by going to see my local Little Owl sight near Packington, before heading for home. I was rewarded with the sight of both birds after sunset, and whilst there I thought about places to set up my portable hide for a photo session, when the weather was next suitable - see my next post!!!!

Canada Geese - Croxall Lakes

Buzzard - Croxall Lakes

Red-legged Partridge - Clifton Campville

Pheasant (cock) - Chilcote

Redwing - Little Twycross

Little Owls - near Packington

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pictures. I love the Little owls, they are so cute. Florence Nightingale use to have one she rescued when it was a fledgling. She use to carry it around with her in her pocket.


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