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Monday, 29 March 2010

Re-vamped Blog Layout

Having had several unsuccessful owling expeditions - not even finding owls on any of my existing sites (although I haven't tried them all recently), I thought that I'd spent a little time trying to improve the appearance of my blog. Then I thought that I'd better post something to 'try it out'. I've had one of the 'Stealth' chair-hides since the beginning of the year, and it's had some use, but never in my garden - so yesterday I had an hour in it and took a few shots. Nothing very exciting happened, but it was good to see the Wren again after a long absence - must try to do better with Wren images! I know that many birders are very anti-squirrel, but I happen to quite like them. A useful tip - if you are fed up with them nicking all your nuts and burying them, just give the nuts a light mincing in a food processor. They then just eat what they can, and go, leaving plenty for the birds.

House Sparrow



Grey Squirrel


This fellow wasn't in our garden, but lives in the road outside the front of the house. He spends quite a lot of time sitting on cars and isn't worried by moving cars - but he is wary of humans and dogs.

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