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Monday, 24 May 2010

Bath Time! - on 23rd May, 2010

It's incredibly noisy in my garden at present. We have at least 8 baby Starlings, and a number (no idea how many!) of baby Sparrows. Our baby Blackbirds were charming, but the Starlings are giving real amusement. They are incompetent flyers, and keep falling over each other. We're getting a window strike approximately every 10 minutes (thankfully, without any serious consequences), and have had several near escapes with them landing in the pond. Yesterday it was particularly amusing when they found the 'drinking stone' (a stone which I've placed partly underwater at the edge of a smaller pond which feeds the main pond), and decided that it was bath time. The racket was unbelievable!

Is it my turn yet?

I've got a feeling that there may be another posting on this subject soon as, whilst I am looking out of my window as I write this, I see that the baby Sparrows have actually teamed up with the baby Starlings, and have found the entrance to my 'waterfall', and are all clamouring to get into that for a bath! Ive just watched a Sparrow go in riding on the back of a Starling!!!

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