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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Blackbird Family In Our Garden - 6th May, 2010

The Blackbird family in our garden are still thriving, although it seems that one had a lucky escape recently as a few feathers from one of the youngsters appeared on our lawn! They eventually ended up with four youngsters, and all are doing extremely well, thanks to their very attentive parents. They are all competent flyers, and are feeding themselves well, and drinking at our pond. At this time, their dad is doing most of the guarding duties, and still feeding them occasionally, whilst their mum is building up the nest again, presumably for the next brood!! It seems that there are at least two other Blackbird couples in the immediate vicinity and there are frequent squabbles between them and our two parent birds. A couple of days ago, we had two very young (but somewhat more advanced than our four) Blackbirds in the garden. I suspect that these were from one of the other local pairs.

The first image, below, is of the youngster that seems a little more attached to dad than the others. The second image is of all four together with dad. Please excuse the quality of the images. There is some flare because of shooting through the conservatory window. - and I've just noticed that the pole on one of our feeders looks as if it could do with some care and attention!


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  1. Wonderful Richard:-) I have one juvenile Blackbird that occasionally visits my garden.


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