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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Little Owls at Site No.11 - on 11th May, 2010

Having found my Little Owl site No.11 on 1st May, I returned to the area on 9th to see if I could locate the actual nest site (there were a number of trees that were possible candidates). I heard the bird calling, and then saw it fly, giving me a pretty good idea as to where it had come from. This morning, I set up my chair hide at a good distance from the suspected nest hole, and within 20 minutes the male bird emerged, and departed almost immediately. My intention was to sit tight and wait for him to return. However, within 5 minutes, the female bird emerged (I'd only seen one bird here before). She hung around a little longer before departing, but she was soon back again (after the sun had gone in, as luck would have it!). She departed again very briefly before returning and diving back into the nest hole. In a previous posting I mentioned the severe dismembering of the trees in the area. My pictures, below, show how frightening this must have been for the birds! - It doesn't do much for the images, either!

Little Owl (male)

Little Owl (female)

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  1. Ah, more Little Owl pictures, I do enjoy them:-)


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