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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Little Owls & Butterflies - on 1st May, 2010

Since I found it in the dark on 21st April, I have tried several times - without success - to see and photograph an owl at my new Site No.10. This morning was one of those times. As this is not far from my Site No.2, near Packington, I went there, with the intention of coming back to No.10 again later. Nothing at No.2, so I took a walk over the fields because, also on 21st April, I had heard a LO calling in the distance in response to a call from a LO at No.2. On my walk I stopped to grab a couple of photos of Orange Tip, which actually settled for a change!

Any way, having crossed three fields, Bingo! A Little Owl flew up from beside the footpath in front of me, and landed in a nearby tree. I've measured this location on a large scale map as being 700 metres from my Site No.2, so I reckon this is site No.11!! The bird looked a little bit different to my site No.2 birds, also. The bird was rather nervous, and I'm not surprised as (what I believe to be) the nest tree had been severely de-limbed recently, as had many other trees in the area. I therefore decided to explore a bit further - and found another owl in a tree on the far side of the next field! However, having looked at my photos, I now think that this is the same bird - it must have flown over ahead of me. Only record shots, into the sun, on this occasion - it flew off, unseen by me, as I was adjusting my camera. One of my Site No.2 birds was there as I got back to my car, but I didn't see him until he flew off!

With all this excitement it was nearly lunch time, and I had about as much chance of returning to No.10 as Gordon Brown!

Orange Tip (male)

Little Owl at my new Site No.11


  1. Well done Richard,great shots of the Little owl,your Orange Tip Butterfly is fantastic.

  2. Lovely pictures of the Orange Tip butterfly, I have tried to get a picture of these but they will not play the game and stay still long enough for me to fiddle around the camera to get a good picture of them. Keep chasing those Little Owls;-)

  3. Well done mate, brilliant news, keep on going!


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