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Monday, 24 May 2010

A Sparrow's Bath Time Adventure - on 24th May, 2010

I mentioned in my previous posting that the young Sparrows in our garden seem to have befriended the young Starlings (of which we now have at least 10, and the noise is deafening). One of the young Sparrows, in particular, seems to look upon the Starlings as his older siblings. I also mentioned that the Starlings had found the waterfall outlet as a bathing place. Well this afternoon I managed to capture a charming interlude (although the light was all wrong!), and the story unfolds below!

Hi Guys - what are you doing?

We're having a bath!

It looks like fun!

If Mum says it's OK, will you take me in there, please?

Thanks Mum - I promise to behave!

It looks very dark in there!

I'm beginning to have second thoughts!

What's that wriggling in the water?

MUM!! I want to go home!

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