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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Another Lightning Strike! - on 9th December, 2010

They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but I've never trusted that. Last month we had 39 Waxwings just along the road from us. They were only there for a day, and weren't seen again. Today, my wife and I were busy with Christmas shopping. Coming back into our road, I couldn't believe my eyes. We had a Waxwing in the same roost tree as before. Although there were plenty of berries left in the feed tree, it didn't come down for food, and departed to a more distant tree after I'd been watching it for about half an hour. By then the light was fading.


I have no idea what the feed tree is. The berries are very small, and pink. The birds love them. I'd be interested to hear if you can identify the tree from the image of the fruit, below.

Can you identify this tree from its fruit, please?


  1. Hello,
    The berries appear to be some type of ornamental rowan (mountain ash), sorbus sp. there are lots of types, hybrids etc. Great garden trees as they don't grow too large and lots of birds eat the berries

    I found this site while browsing the net and have added it to my favourites.

    all the best phil

  2. Thank you for this information Phil. Sorry not to have replied before now, but I've been away in Hungary, and only got back (just!!) late last night

  3. Thanks Richard,
    small world! someone I used to know was the local wildlife officer for the police - Roy Adams. He now lives in Hungary and runs bird tour holidays; might be worth a look;

    best wishes phil


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