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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Brambling, etc. - Armchair Photography on 22nd & 23rd December, 2010

With loads of snow around, and suffering with a cold, I have resisted the urge to go out birding and spent most of my time wrapped up warm at home. This has given me the opportunity to catch up on some photo processing, and to indulge in some armchair photography - my desk has a good view out over the back garden. The main interest has been the Brambling which has been pretty well living in our garden for the past few days. However, there has been a lot of frantic feeding going on out there - I don't think that the garden has ever been so busy with birds.

Blackbird (female)

Usually our resident pair of Blackbirds jealously guard their patch, chasing off any other Blackbirds that appear. However, currently we are getting up to ten Blackbirds at a time, with very little aggravation.


This Brambling is spending more time in our garden than it is out of it. This year is the first time we have had Brambling in the garden for approximately 20 years, so it is an extremely welcome visitor. Hopefully I'll nail a good shot before it leaves us. In the mean time, I'll have to make do with these.


Sadly, it is rarely that we see Greenfinch in our garden now - they used to be very numerous. However, this bird has been a regular visitor over the last couple of days.

Chaffinch (male)

We often see up to four Chaffinches in the garden at a time. However, just lately, we've been getting up to sixteen - which is probably what has brought us the Brambling!


Goldfinch numbers are currently at roughly the same level as they usually are in finer weather - we're getting up to twenty at a time.

The above images were from yesterday (Wednesday 22nd December). This morning I got up to find a Grey Heron in the garden - a garden 'year tick' and the first for a few years. However, the bird disappeared before I could get to my camera. I did, however, take a few more shots of the Brambling - who knows if/when I might get another opportunity!!


Tomorrow I have to take a cross-country drive (mainly on very minor roads) to buy another 40Kg of bird food, plus another couple of Kg of niger seed. I shall take the camera with me, just in case - particularly as my route will take me within 500 metres of my Little Owl site No.15.

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