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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Winter Wonderland - and a new Little Owl Site! - on 7th December, 2010

I woke up to an absolutely brilliantly sunny day, with thick hoar frost on the trees. I just had to get out and take advantage of these conditions. I first went to my local patch to try for the 'Little Owl in snow' image that I'd missed last time out (see previous posting). The Owl was on the chimney when I arrived, and allowed me to take plenty of photos before it departed. I saw where it had gone (into a tree) and went and took a few more.

Little Owl - my site No.02

Having taken plenty of shots, I left the Owl in the tree, and went up to the farm yard to see what was going on. The Yellowhammers were there again, but not so obliging as last time. However, I did manage three shots, all of which are not too bad.


After lunch, I went out again - this time to have a second look at a place where I had been tipped off that Little Owls had been seen. I was just as unsuccessful this time, and even the Redwings that were around in abundance would not cooperate for a photo.

I decided to go to another of my sites where there was a good chance of seeing an Owl. However, the light was fading by now, and all of a sudden, the bright sun gave way to freezing fog, so I made the decision to go home instead. Half way home, through the fog, I spotted an unmistakable silhouette on a roof top. Carefully coming to a halt, I got out of the car and took some safety shots from a distance, and then some from a bit closer. Poor light and the fog meant that I only got record shots, but, hey!, Little Owl site No. 16!

Little Owl - my new site No.16

Guess where I'm off to next time there's a nice sunny day!


  1. Oh you are becoming a bit of an expert at finding these owls Richard, really very well done!

    PS Lovely images of the bird on the chimney.

  2. Thank you for your kind, but undeserved, comments Paul.

    I have just realised that this new site was the first Little Owl site I've spotted from my car whilst drving around. For all the others I've spotted a likely location and got out to check.

    Went back to the new site today. Heard the Owl really close, but couldn't spot it anywhere - I reckon it was possibly sitting on the roof bars of my car!!


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