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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back In At No.10 - on 9th May, 2012

No, not anything to do with political aspirations, but an owl sighting. On 21st April, 2010 I saw two Little Owls in a tree at the edge of my local patch, and designated this to be my Site No.10. Since then I've passed this way several times a week and not seen an owl there again. My nearest LO site to No.10 is approximately 400 metres away, where I had ten sightings of a solitary owl between April and July, 2011 (but again, nothing since). 

Early last week I passed Site No.10 and was dismayed to see that the tree had come down in the gales of  Sunday 29th April. I commented to my wife as we passed that now I'd never see an owl again in that tree. You can imagine my surprise, therefore, when today (just a few days later) I spotted a Little Owl in the tree on the opposite side of the road to the fallen tree!

I stopped the car and took a few record shots, and watched from a distance. Unfortunately, within a few minutes, it started raining and the owl, in typical LO fashion, flew off, dropping below the hedge line as it did so, so I never saw where it ended up.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to consider this a new sighting at No.10!

Little Owl - my Site No.10

So my first image from Site No.10. I hope that there are better ones to follow!


  1. Dorset Wildlife Trust has a live webcam in a Little Owls nestbox. One egg has hatched. I have posted a link to the site.

    1. Thank you for that Linda. There's at least two chicks now!!

  2. There are three chicks now, Dorset Wildlife Trust posted a video clip on Twitter of the LO feeding her chicks:-)

    1. She was feeding four chicks when I looked early on Thursday morning!

  3. Great news Richard,lovely story,with a happy ending.

    1. Thank you John. It made my day to find this bird.


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