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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Migrant Hawker - another 'garden tick' - on 22nd August, 2011

Sitting in the garden, enjoying a refreshing mug of Earl Grey, I was suddenly brought up with a start by the arrival of a dragonfly which obligingly settled on a Viburnum bush in the garden. It first struck me that this was very small and a little drab as far as Hawkers go. I was hesitant in my identification at first as the markings on the second segment seem a little different to most photos of Migrant Hawkers that I've seen (blue band broader, and pale off-white band closer to the blue band), also, I didn't get a chance to look at the side of the thorax. However, I'm now convinced (please let me know if I'm wrong), so I'm calling it another garden 'lifer'.

Migrant Hawker - our garden
This is my second garden dragonfly 'lifetime tick' in less than six weeks. I had intended to shut down my koi pond permanently as soon as I can find alternative homes for the fish, but I'm beginning to question this decision!


  1. Stunning Garden find,superb images Richard.

  2. Thank you John. Inspired by your own work, I'm beginning to wonder if I should set up a second camera with a macro lens - I'm finding that using the 150-500 lens that I do, suits me well enough for birds, but is not so easy for insects, etc.


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