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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Return of the Redpolls

Last winter, we were fortunate enough to have up to six Lesser Redpolls visiting our garden on a 'several times a day' basis over a four month period - ending in late March. We were also getting up to four Brambling visiting with a similar frequency over the same period. This year the Redpolls didn't start showing up with any frequency until the middle of January. Now we are getting up to three on a frequent basis - there is a 50% chance if I look out of my window there will be at least one Redpoll there. These little birds are a delight to see. So far, however, this winter we haven't seen a Brambling in the garden. There's still time!

Lesser Redpoll - our garden in Ashby de la Zouch


  1. Stunning Bird,love these little chaps.
    Great captures Richard.

  2. Thank you John. They certainly lift the spirits when they appear!

  3. Very nice Richard! I wish we saw these little wonders on am more regular basis here in Massachusetts. Wonderful images!

  4. They are lovely shots of beautiful birds Richard. You're very lucky to have them in your garden.

  5. Thank you Phil. These are not common garden birds here. Until last winter I'd only once before seen them in our garden. I was, therefore, delighted when they returned this winter. It's also lazy photography as I was sitting at the chair in front of my PC for both those images!

  6. Thank you Christian. I've got two niger feeders up in the garden. One is about 15 metres from my study window, and the other is only about 3 metres away. So I can get some reasonable images through the window as they approach the nearer feeder.

  7. Great photos, just found you via Christian, excellent blog :-)

  8. Thank you Alan. Just found your blog - very nice! I see you've had a bit of snow down there too!!!

  9. Nice little creature! those dont arrive to mu country....usually.

  10. Greetings El Campero. For me it's good that birds are geographically diverse. It gives us more excitement when that rare bird arrives from distand lands!


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