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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cannock Chase for Crossbills on 28th January, 2010

I went to Cannock Chase to try and find some Crossbills. It was bright and sunny when I set off, but had turned dull and grey by the time I got there so, photographically, the day was not good, but this is a brilliant area to visit for birds.

On the way there, this Common Buzzard was on a pole beside the road.

I parked beside the Army Cadet buildings, and walked along the designated cycle track to Abrahams Valley. I found Crossbills after about an hour's walking and seeing virtually no birds at all. They were by cycle track marker post No. 151. They stayed high in the trees, and in the poor light and difficult tree structure only record shots were possible, but I publish a selection here as I would not be surprised if I never got another opportunity to see and photograph these superb birds. Having seen few other birds until this point, this particular spot seemd to attract many, with tits and finches around, plus GS Woodpecker and Tree Creeper.

Common Crossbill


Great Spotted Woodpecker (female)

From Abrahams Valley, I moved on to the feeding station near Coppice Hill. The light was now pretty grim, and most of my shooting was at ISO 800 and at very slow speeds, so the results were very grainy. However, the birds here were brilliant and I set my hide up beside the car. As well as birds, there were deer, which I believe were Sika Deer, but please let me know if you think otherwise.

Coal Tit

Blue Tit

Yellowhammer (male)

Long-tailed tit


Fallow Deer (?)

1 comment:

  1. Great set of pictures. Your deer I would say is Fallow.


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