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Friday, 9 April 2010

Dozy Old Git! - on 8th April, 2010

With my wife away for a few days (at Legoland with my daughter and granddaughter), I thought that I 'd make the most of the fine weather and go out and do a bit of owling - as one does! Having investigated (unsuccessfully) a few potential sites, I ended up near Snarestone, where I have a couple of Little Owl sites. It took a while to find the first bird as it was in a tree that I hadn't seen it in before, and was well-hidden. I started to make a stealthy zig-zag approach (trying to look nonchalant), banking a few safety shots as I went. All of a sudden a second bird flew past my left shoulder, not more than two metres from me!! I have no idea where it came from, but it disappeared from sight as quickly as it arrived. You could say that this made me the dozy old git - but it's not this that I have in mind (even though it has probably taught me to check around thoroughly before making a move), so please read on.

Anyway, back to this well hidden bird - I was doing really well, and nearly where I wanted to be when a loud voice called out 'hello mate'. A bloke in the next field with a metal detector decided he wanted to come over for a chat. "Are you birdwatching?" he called - I resisted the temptation to say "I was until you came along". Anyway this 'intrusion' was enough to send the bird away. No, this is not the dozy old git either! I went off to explore bits of the farm I'd not been to before, coming back a couple of hours later to see if the owls had returned - they hadn't. I did find a resting Hare which I manage to snap before he spotted me.

a well-hidden bird!

Little Owl - near Snarestone (my LO Site No. 06)

Brown Hare - near Snarestone

I returned to my car to grab a snack of couple of biscuits and a quick drink, and then set off across the fields to investigate my other site on this farm. This bird (I've only ever seen one here) has a real penchant for sitting in deep shade. True to form, he was well hidden and I nearly missed him. Compared to most, however, this is a relatively confiding bird, so I was able to approach quite close without disturbing him.

hiding in the shade!

Little Owl - near Snarestone (my LO Site. No. 05)

After spending around four hours near Snarestone, I set off for another of my sites near Sibson. I made a quick investigation of the site, but no owl to be seen. I decided to set up my hide next to what I believed to be the nest tree, and sat down to await an emergence. I spent two and a half hours sitting waiting. Was there an owl there? - yes, I heard one call from deep inside the bole of the tree. Did one emerge? - well, I don't really know. Having spent a good few hours walking in the morning, and getting warm and comfortable in my hide, I nodded off!!!! Now that is a DOZY OLD GIT!!! All I managed was a shot of an overflying Grey Heron. To make matters worse, I got home in the late afternoon and realized that I'd managed to get sunburned!

Grey Heron

1 comment:

  1. An excellent story Richard, it was brill the way it unfolded, just to let you know I too have fallen asleep in my hide!!!!!


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