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Monday, 12 April 2010

Leucistic House Sparrow - on 12th April, 2010

I'm beginning to realise just how territorial House Sparrows are. We get a lot of House Sparrows in our back garden - they are our most common bird, by far. We also get a few in the front garden, just a few metres away. I am amazed, however, that this one very distinctive looking bird is frequently seen in our front garden, but never in our back garden, particularly as we have several feeders in the back garden, but none in the front.

House Sparrow (leucistic female)


  1. I also have a leucistic female House Sparrow, she has been visiting my garden through the winter and today I have seen her. I wonder if these birds produce will they also be leucistic.

  2. Hi Linda - my one has definitely 'paired up'. I'll keep my eyes open for developments and let you know


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