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Monday, 26 April 2010

Our First Babies - on 26th April, 2010

In a recent post I mentioned that the Blackbirds in our garden were busy feeding young. Well today two young from one pair fledged. Both parents were very attentive, offering encouragement and morsels for reward when successful flights were made. I just love those ear tufts! - Aaaahh!


I hope these birds continue to be lucky - their first stroke of luck was a week ago when my wife noticed our neighbour about to take a chain saw to the Leylandii in which the nest was. She managed to stop him in time!! Much as I'd love these trees to come down, now's not the time.


  1. Hi Richard,

    My OH saw a juvenile Blackbird having a bath in our birdbath today, I missed it as I was on the phone to my broadband server trying to sort my bill:-(

    I would delete me on your list of blogs you follow and click on to my blog to follow me again. When I changed my title to 'Far From the Madding Crowd' I also changed the address, daft I know, I completly forgot about people following my blog, that they would not be able to see my blog. Once I realised my mistake, I could not reverse it. I had a bit of a brain storm at the time, I will be a bit more careful in future.

  2. Their second stroke of luck was when my wife heard the thump of a bird flying into a window. I went to investigate and found my cat looking at one outside our back door - the bird had flown against the greenhouse door, trying to escape. A second one was cowering behind a pot. Both were persuaded to go to the top of the garden, none the worse, but a little wiser, from their encounter. Phew!!

  3. Thanks, Linda. That worked perfectly


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