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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Owl Update - on 22nd April, 2010

I have been a bit worried about my Little Owl site No. 02, near Packington, since I discovered that someone had broken into the derelict barn and made a bit of a mess of things, and I had not seen the owls for a while. However, on 21st I stopped here after dark and heard a LO calling, and shortly after an owl arrived. I also heard another LO calling way over to the west (it sounded far enough away to be coming from a different site). Having satisfied myself that at least one of my owls was OK, I set off for home, stopping instinctively at a tree approximately 1 km north. Two LOs seen within a couple of minutes!! This made site No. 10! Only 93 more sites to catch up with Paul Riddle - but that's probably 123 before you read this!!

Anyway, the next day I decided to try and get some photos from this site. I stopped in Packington to investigate a reported LO site, but could not locate where the owls were. However, I did see Buzzards. It is not that long ago that a Buzzard was a remarkable site in these parts. Now it is a rare day that I go out without seeing one - usually more. However, just of late, I seem to be seeing them in groups quite frequently. From beside where I parked my car, five were wheeling about together.


I arrived at my site No. 02 and one of my birds was sitting there - unfortunately the shot was directly into the bright evening sun!

Little Owl - near Packington (my LO site No. 02)

From here, a public footpath leads directly westwards, and I set off to try and find evidence of the owl that I'd heard calling the previous night. There were plenty of potentially good trees but no owls were seen - possibly because of the Buzzard that was very prominently in the area.


Having drawn a blank here, I returned to my car (Owl had disappeared and guy noisily mowing the lawn nearby) and went off to sit it out by the site found the previous night. After it got fully dark, and no owls seen or heard, I gave up and went home!

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  1. I saw seven buzzards near where I live, flying around together, recently.


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