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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Spring in My Garden - 17th April, 2010

It's been rather a hectic week for us, and I hadn't done any birding since the Monday. Our visitors having departed at four o'clock, I decided that some form of birding was necessary as it was such a fine day. However, lacking the energy to go far, I decided to set up my hide in the garden for an hour. Although we have not seen anything unusual for a long while, the birds are really busy at the moment - when the workmen are not banging about out the back. I had only been in the hide for a couple of minutes when the Goldfinches descended for food and drink.


Whilst sitting in my hide, I was delighted to spot a Holly Blue. This is the first that I've seen this year, anywhere. It was approximately six metres away, so I only managed a distant image, shown heavily cropped below.

Holly Blue

The Blackbirds have definitely got young, and both mum and dad are constantly busy taking beaks full of worms back to the nest. The way they carry the worms reminds me of Puffins with Sand Eels.

Blackbird (female)

Having been without a Wren for a long time, this one (which seems quite large) has been visiting us on a frequent basis for a few weeks now. I think that he too is busy feeding a family.


As recently mentioned, I quite like our regularly visiting Grey Squirrels. I mince up the peanuts so they don't take them all and bury them,

Grey Squirrel

We get up to four Woodpigeon at a time - not everyone's favourite bird, but I don't have a problem with them.


We've had a rather poorly-looking Collared dove around for about a week - usually sits still for a long while, and nods off, whilst being all puffed up. He seems to feed well enough. I just hope he pulls through OK.

Collared Dove


  1. Lovely images from your garden. I have seen my first baby Siskin this year, it appeared in the evening, 16th April. Last year my first baby Siskin appeared on the 27th April, so this year first baby is eleven days earlier. I also have Grey Squirrels, two sometimes and also a Woodpigeon, I also like them.

  2. Stunning Images,once again outstanding shots.
    Well done Richard.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, Linda and John. Linda, you are really lucky to have young Siskins. I would be over the moon to see any Siskin in my garden - had them in previous years in the winter, but none this last winter.


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