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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Derwent Mouth on 5th May 2008

I have a boat which is kept at Sawley. I only got it in late October 2008 and, at this time, Derwent Mouth (which is just north of Sawley on the River Trent) was a great place for Kingfishers (at that time there were also plenty of Fieldfares around here and a few Cormorants). Now the area seems to have been taken over by Common Terns which settle on a dead tree in the river (although we are still seeing the occasional Kingfisher).

Common Terns at Derwent Mouth

Having had a run up to Derwent Mouth, we headed back south to Trent Lock, in order to take a trip up the River Soar. There were more Common Terns at the junction of the Soar and the Trent.
Common Tern by Trent Lock

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