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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Red-Footed Falcon at Ingleby on 24th May 2008

Late in the afternoon of the Bank-holiday Saturday, I noticed on 'Birdguides' that the 1st summer female Red-Footed Falcon was still showing well at Ingleby, Derbyshire - which is only about 7 miles from my home. As it was a fine evening (the only fine weather of the holiday) I managed to persuade my wife to put tea on hold for a couple of hours whilst I went and had a look and, hopefully, take some pics (there were none of this particular bird on 'Birdguides at the time).

I arrived to find the site well-attended, but the 'clear shot' had the light in totally the wrong direction and only a partially obscured shot was available with reasonable light. With my pass rapidly running out of time, I managed to take several shots, and the partially obscured shots are greatly superior to the 'wrong light' shots. Subsequently several people have put very-much better pictures than mine of this bird on 'Birdguides' - I particularly like Steve Seal's - but I do like the light in the eye on my 1st shot below,

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