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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Garden Dragonfly 'tick' - on 15th July, 2011

With a pond in our garden, although we are in a built-up area, we do still get the occasional Odonata (dragonfly & damselfly) species. However, this was the first time I've ever seen a Brown Hawker in the garden - to the best of my knowledge these usually prefer larger areas of water, and canals. This, by the body shape, was a female (males have a waisted appearance at segments 2-3). My book says that females do not have the blue spots seen on these segments on the males, but this one clearly has blue spots.

Brown Hawker (female) - our garden

A few days later, I was dismantling the summer-house in the garden. I knew that we used to have mice living under it but was still quite surprised, when I lifted the floor, to see the huge amount of debris from their occupation - mainly black sunflower husks and hazelnut shells. Also, I was not expecting to find a Frog and a Toad under here - we don't get many toads in our garden.

Common Frog - our garden

Common Toad - our garden


  1. Wow,thats some Garden tick Richard.
    We saw our first one last week,and were over the moon.
    These are superb images.

  2. Thank you John.
    I have my wife to thank for this one - we were sitting in the garden having a cup of tea when she spotted it landing in the tree!


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