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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Farne Islands on 24th June 2009 (Part 1 - the Terns)

The Farne Islands - WOW!!! We went on one of Billy Shiel's landing cruises. We saw plenty of birds as we approached, but then spent some time cruising round the islands, getting very close to birds on the cliffs. We then landed on Inner Farne. The Terns are a major attraction here, with large numbers of Sandwich and Artic Tern nesting on the Island. There are also small numbers of common Tern, but I did not notice any. Whilst the Arctics seem to stay close to the paths (so that you have to be careful not to stand on the chicks!), The Sandwich Terns stay more distant, so I was only able to 'capture' them in flight. The whole afternoon, in blazing sunshine, was an absolutely amazing experience.

Sandwich Tern

Arctic Tern

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